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Born on the Southside of Greensboro, North Carolina, Emanuel Alexander III (also known as "KickBoy Triple") began his career as a entertainer in the music industry at the age of 9 as a rap artist. Emanuel grew up in one of the toughest areas in his city around drugs and violence every day but his parents did their best to "shield" him. He used his surroundings to influence his style of music. During his musical career, Emanuel would go on to garner a fan base of over 20,000 over the Southern region of the U.S. The young artist took on acting at the age of 14 in Jamestown, NC after participating his high school plays and workshops. Emanuel graduated with honors in 2012 in Drama & Theatre and went on to pursue his career in acting. Appearing in many indie films such as "I'm That Kind Of Woman" and "Same Thing pt.1 and 2", Emanuel soon found himself heading for a big break with his lead role in "All Beef" as the "Gold Tooth Hustler" then soon making his first appearance rioting in Regina Prince-Bythewood's "Shots Fired". Along with acting in films, TV shows, and commercials, he also raps, does comedy, voice over work, sports, and is trained in using firearms in films, making him very well-rounded actor. He considers Will Smith to be his biggest influence and he strives to be just as great, if not better. In 2013 the young entertainer mother was arrested and charged with the murder of her boyfriend but would only have to serve 7 to 9 years after being charged with involuntary manslaughter. Few years later in early 2018, Emanuel's father (Emanuel Jr.) was killed in a robbery 2 months before the birth of Emanuel III daughter. "It Hurts, but life hits you, and it hits you fast. I take everything that happens in life as sign from God for you to grow. When things happen in our life we have one of two options, we either grow from it, or allow it to break us." - Emanuel. Emanuel continues to channel his past through his passion for music and acting. He believes that his talent along with his professionalism and eagerness to be great will allow him to be very successful in the entertainment business.

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